May 2005 Edition

Here we are almost ONE YEAR later! I have a newer 'puter at home where I will have more time to devote to our website and hopefully keep y'all abreast of the latest happenings. Bear with me everyone!

Rockledge's Magnolia and Aden's Socks had their first litter on February 11th. Most have been sold and the remainder are in a "hold" pattern 'til we decide which one(s) we will keep. J3's Paige and Windridge's High Caliber (Sonny) had their second litter on Friday, April 29th. 
See below for Congrats on the new puppy owners. Don't forget to send us photos of your new family members.

I spoke with Mr. Aubrey Aden yesterday on the phone. I referred a breeder in the Netherlands to him. He is writing a book about Catahoulas and wanted some pictures and information about how to work cattle. I felt Mr. Aden could do justice to the breed as he is certainly qualified in that department!  He informed me that Aden's Samantha (Sock's mama) is still alive! 14 years young! You go girl!   

Congratulations To: 

 Maggie and Sock's litter:
Congratulations to Erin Dane of Reno, NV for her purchase of pup#3 "Wind ridge's Foxy Sox". We look forward to seeing these two at the competitions!

Congratulations to Gabe Pimental of San Gregorio, CA for his purchase of pup#5. Gabe will use this pup as a team-mate for his female in working cows and hunting hogs.  Very nice meeting Danny and Rolla Baumgartel of Costa Mesa, CA and their new pup (#4) "Windridge's Gita". Welcome to the Windridge Family, and hope to see you at the BarBQ next month! And a congrats to Joey and Joanna Teresi of Watsonville, CA for their long-awaited Catahoula pup#2 - "Windridge's Boots"...the pup with the "nose for trailing". We're sure she will be all you dreamed of in a blood-trailing dog as well as a baying up fool  like her mama! Hope to see you at the competitions as well! And lastly, a Great Big Thank You goes to some very fine folks Danny and Jenny O'Curran of Escondido, CA for taking Windridge's Maestro into their lives. I know he will help find and bay those Arizona Javelina's as his hog hunting days aren't over yet! I know he will keep Killian and Kaylynn busy this summer and vice-versa! A big welcome to Matt and Kindra Delaney of Escondido, CA for their purchase of pup#7 Windridge's Belle Blue (temp name?) who will be companion for their beautiful Catahoula male "Jake". They are looking forward to bringing her to the West Coast NALC show in October, where she will carry the banner for her SHCHWolf River Beau Blue bloodlines and compete to continue the tradition of wins in the conformation ring!

June 2004 Edition

Howdy once again! Kinda sorta missed the May issue. Sorry!!! Life has been a bit hectic lately, but we'll do our best to keep up the newsletter.

Not long after publishing the April newsletter, Donna Shmidt Pauls of Terrebonne, OR called to say she was coming to Reno, NV to pick up another "rescue" for some folks back home and said she could bring "Hijinx's Lotta Moxie" to us. (Thank you soooo much, Donna!!!) We were not entirely prepared for this little slip of a dog who was packin' a whole lotta ATTITUDE! She definately has her father's tenacity and drive (and strong desire to leap into your lap-STANDING UP!). She has all of her mother's sweetness which presents a dilemna when trying to reprimand her for her transgressions as she offers her paw and bats the saddest big brown eyes the world has ever seen. Needless to say, we put her to work right away and those centuries-old instincts kicked right in. Click here to see her in action at 4 months of age! It is truly amazing to watch her body-slam 300+ pound hogs! (as if her 32 pounds would make a difference...but don't tell her that! ) We think she got her confidence at birth from having to compete with 6 bigger brothers. She likes to play with her uncle "Tu" who weighs in at about 85 pounds. Doesn't matter that he squishes her like a bug, just makes her all the more determined to get him back!  She's a kick! Speaking of Moxie's brothers, Hijinx's Nixon (Nick's Son) Donna's handsome B&T pup will be competing at the NALC-CA show this fall. We just need to get Mike and Melody to come down from British Columbia with their entourage and have a family reunion - of course Paul & Barbara Millermon and Wolf River's Nick will be there! How 'bout it, eh guys?

By now it's old news, but I wanted to say that in spite of our best efforts, it was impossible to go to Fairfield, TX for the NALC-TX show. I could not make the drive alone in 40 hours, and no-one else from the West Coast could make it at the last minute. I guess it rained Catahoulas and dogs down there and was not very well attended. So if I couldn't make it I guess this was a good one to miss. (This show could've given me the points needed to champion several of my dogs before the NALC Book of Champions comes out this fall, so who cares about a little rain? (tongue in cheek). Hey, though, there's always another show down the road!!!

Congratulations To:

Michael Keeffe of Grass Valley, CA for his purchase of Windridge's Chief Tonkawa (pup #1) from the March 10, 2004 litter out of J3's Paige by Windridge's High Caliber aka Sonny (and a special thank you to Mike and Cheryl Byrne for the referral).  Congrats also go to the following new Windridge Catahoula owners: Bruce Wager (Paige's former owner) for pup #2 in Opelousas, LA, (we're looking forward to seeing Hayden Drew show this puppy at the NALC September show!) Anthony Williams (and Jenna) for pup #10 named Windridge's Kodah in Vista, CA - we hope he was worth the drive! Also, to Nate and Judi Whitley of Sacramento, CA for pup #9 (and special thank you to Barbara for the referral). Sandy Goins of Sante Fe, NM for her long awaited and very special acquisition of pup #4 (as yet unnamed) and special thanks go to Mario Quilles and Ellen Koment for their referral and support!!! And lastly, to Cody Dorris of Nevada City, CA for his purchase of pup #8 - we know he will follow in his father's cowpie-dodgin' footprints!  Congrats to Allyn, Norman, and Oran Carmen of Grass Valley, CA for trying Catahoulas on their spread. We know you will be HOOKED before long. And Norman, forget about breeding the male into your BC's!!! Come back later and we'll set you up with a breeding female!

April 2004 Edition

Howdy Y'all. Welcome to the long awaited 1st edition of the WRF's newsletter!  Our hope is to maintain this site monthly with stories, coming events, updates, new arrivals, show and trial results, and generally anything newsworthy pertaining to Windridge Farms Catahoulas. We will be including some pictures (like this one of B-Bay with Maggie & Bobby), stories, and items of interest to visitors of this site. Our goal is to inform, educate, and entertain readers about Windridge Farms bred or related Catahoulas.

Congratulations To:

Cecil Taylor and Dawn Pumnea of Old Town, ID for their purchase of Windridge's Emmy Lou (7/3/03 Litter). And to Linda Smith of Lolaa's Kennels in Amargosa Valley, NV for her purchase of Windridge's Jack Daniel (7/3/03 Litter). "JD" is Linda's third WRF's pup and we are pleased that he has joined her breeding program. BTW, Linda, congrats on Windridge's Magpie's recent litter and  her great PennHip score!!!

A special congrats to April Robinson of Penn Valley, CA for adding Windridge's Remington (6/16/02 Litter) to her team. April has been competing his littermate Windridge's Sacre Beau in conformation and baying events since 10/02. Condolences for her recent loss of Windridge's Luc Duc (7/3/03 Litter) - a beautiful and very special brindle boy! We know "Remmy" will shoulder the harness in his absence!

Remmy's full sister Windridge's Hollyhocks (5/30/99 Litter), recently acquired by Brian and Sarah Fries of Fresno, CA is also filling some big "PAWPRINTS" in their household. Our condolences go to the Fries who lost their 8 year old catahoula to cancer a few weeks ago. They found they really needed another catahoula in their lives and we are honored that they chose Holly to join their family. We wish them a long and happy life together.

Lastly, a special congratulations to Mike Cozac and Melody Tucker of Hijinx Catahoulas of Duncan, B.C. for their recent litter out of Windridge's Brinn Doll (5/30/99 Litter) by Wolf River's Nick owned by Paul and Barbara Millermon of Rio Oso Catahoulas in Pleasant Grove, CA. What a beautiful litter!

A hard-earned (we're sure) thank you to Donna Shmidt Pauls of Terrebonne, OR for picking up and raising Hijinx's Lotta Moxie for us until we can pick her up. She was the only female in the litter and we are told this little Windridge X Wolf River gyp should be a formidable presence in the baypen, let alone in the woods and pastures!!!




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