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Kristin Ingram Ludlum of Windridge Farms, located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, has been breeding Catahoulas since 1982. Her bloodlines consist of the Wager, Aden, Wolf River, and Lee lines, all well known and respected for producing premier working cow, hog dogs, and guard dogs as well as “Man’s best friend.” Ludlum started her breeding program when she and her fellow ranchers discovered the impressive working abilities the Catahoula breed possessed. After extensive research, Ludlum located a grandsire to launch an enterprise of breeding high-quality Catahoulas.


In the 90s, Ludlum began traveling south to the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas trials, where she and her dogs have competed for over 20 years, establishing a solid bloodline of titled multi-champion dogs that continue today. Before breeding, Ludlum health tests her dogs to ensure world-class results. In addition to the health screenings, she supports the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, whose mission is “to improve the health and well-being of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease,” significantly helping to eliminate hip dysplasia in the Catahoula Breed.

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Catahoula is America's dog, originating over 400 years ago in the Catahoula Lakes region of Louisiana. An intelligent medium to large-sized dog of quiet disposition, bred to work the toughest stock, but gentle with domestic stock when properly trained. Catahoulas will find, bay, stop, and pen the wildest cattle, the meanest hogs, and the toughest bears. Like the wolf whom Catahoulas owe some of their heritage to, they are highly social creatures, making them excellent companions, guards, and family protectors. In fact, Catahoulas are naturally protective and they are natural alarm dogs. They will alert you to anything out of the ordinary.

Catahoulas come in a range of colors. Leopards (merles) may be blue, gray, black, liver, red, and patched. Although most people associate the Catahoula with the blue leopard coloring, it has nothing to do with the value of the dog. Value is established by the accomplishments of the individual dog, and its bloodline. Some Catahoulas have opposing eye colors, their eyes are two different colors, these are called "cracked eyes". The eye color comes from the Merle gene and still has nothing to do with the rarity or value of the dog.

Catahoulas are good family dogs provided they get good exercise and are not kept isolated. The Catahoula is a dog that lives to be active, so obedience training, chores, and tasks will help to occupy their minds and help them become a good dog for the family. 

Working and hunting are what the Catahoula breed does best.

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